Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thank you!! Thank You!!

Semillion-million terima kasih buat sahabat yg membantu mempromotkan shirt saya.. and thanx also for the support and comment.. every single thing all my friend told me..

i love you all...
bak kater shaz... "saya sukalah"

special thanks goes to:
mohd. nazri
Shaz "saya sukalah"
Mohd Hafidh (mamu)
Dainel Hayata
Faris Syahmi

and all who did contribute their idea and design in making "say-O Tee" better.

New Design Up for GRABS!!!

After get back from penang, sedikit busy... with all the load of works yg tertunggak..
but i manage to catchup with the latest design that i promised u guys... Insya-Allah for the next event you guys will manage to buy all these shirt and the price will be mention.. OK!!!
so..... here's the design.. E N J O Y!!!! and comment..
-----> 1. Mr. Many Faces
-----> 2. 3 Elements
-----> 3,4,&5. Owned By No One (design 1,2 &3)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


this coming saturday and sunday will be the13 event where all the Interior design student will gather all together to make change their creativity and beat each other in a good way through their design. it will be held in UIA (University Islam Antarabangsa) as they will be the host if any information just click on this link:

just got back from penang..

penang is a very interesting place to be. for holidays or for work. both situations is interesting. for me, its about work. going to site and meet the penang people. they're all we're so interesting. when i was there, i try to find the cheapest buah pala in pulau pinang. we found the stall. the owner is an old aunty. she's very kind. she let me taste all the buah there before buying it. and give me discount some more. very good ah that aunty. no wonder bisnes maju. you can go to CHOWRASTA at campbell road i think. btw, for an interior designer there is a hotel that might blow you away just with the lobby design. kind of like boutique hotel. the cheapest tariff is at rm236.00 per night. and the expensive one is g suite. it will cost you about rm 1180.00 per night if i'm not mistaken. just stop by the hotel if you're in penang. located next to gurney plaza.

here some of the picture of the lobby.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday, June 20, 2008

Hearing to augustana while i'm posting this, macam kene jer... hehehe.. but i don't wanna go to anywhere far from home. well, back to bisnes, my soulmates (my best friends) said that there will an event under bijou bazaar around bangsar. i hope that i will "sempat" to jual my shirt design as the shirt tak sampai lagi.. haih!!! sedih jer nnt. Btw, jap lagi i will upload latest design and please.. please.. please... comment it them for me..

Thank you.

p/s: can't wait to make some art..!!! yeah!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

the design is in progress...

dear friends.......

right now i've been trying hard to find the best material for my t shirt design. however, the design for how it will look like has been finished bit by bit. here it goes...

would you like to be my friend?

which one? i love you... but i don't want to talk about it.

comment it for me.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

New brand from me...

My dear friend,

i always wanted to have my own brand, and finally i managed to do it myself, not a "real" brand like ZARA, FCUK, MNG, Quicksilver but just nice (what my friend mention..) for a i-think-i-love-art type of girl.

next month i'll post some of my shirt design and need u guys to comment it on me. i'll accept it and will improve. by the way, it my brand will include cotton shirt design for individu and couple shirt design. who knows after the shirt maybe i could make some accessories that can include my design on it.

wait yah....