Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Chalte! Chalte!

Today, 30th August, I did temankan my boyfriend to settle his ryl ID account,his stuff, I mean dier punyer gun, armor, ring, yg dah berbulan die enchant and farming hilang macam tu aje. Someone heck his account and stole all his stuff, luckily, separuh of his money and inventory dier da simpan dalam vault. For those yg tak paham ape yg i merepek nih, this is what happen when your boyfriend is a game freak. Yeah, I know, I turut telibat dalam konspirasi ini. Well, I don't mind, as long as he still have time for me, and i will be there for him too.
Risk Your Life Online Game (RYL) kat tepi tu inventory dier.

Ok, back to the story yg stuff dier hilang. So, about 10 o'clock camtu, we all bertolak ke CIB Mall kat Menara Summit untuk buat laporan and perhaps pihak CIB dapat roll back all the stuff stolen from him, and we did report and gave some proof that, it was really his ID and the GAME MASTER said that he can use his ID back on the 2nd of January 2009 and all of his inventory tu ader balik lah dalm ID dier. And it was a relief, sebab dier da tak nyenyak tido since gun dier hilang, yerla.. kalau jual dalam RM, gun tu bole cecah RM 600.00 nett. (untuk gamers RYL sejatu jer yg sanggup beli) so, bile dah pegi nih, hilang satu beban. HEHE..

Next, from Menara Summit we head to Cineleisure, our fav spot to watch movie. and guess what, today kitorang tgk cite ape.. well.. tak ramai pun tgk cite nih. but sangat memuaskan hati, even duk dalam tu dekat nak 3 jam. Even kitorang bile tiket time tu dah pukul 11.40 pg, we insist beli tiket citer hindustan "RAB NE BANA DI JODI" yg startnye pukul 11.15 pg, lebih kurang setengah jam jugak la termiss, kitorang beli jugak sebab I da promise my bf untuk menonton citer itu bersama dier. yerla, nowadays, movie sume hampeh, jalan cerita sama tukar watak, tukar venue and twisted plot sikit and letaklah dalam tu actor and actress yg hangat. but it turn out to be a typical movie. same old story.

Raj and Taani.

Ok. RAB NE BANA DI JODI nih pasal a girl, Miss Taani, have to kawin dgn Surinder Sahri kot.. seorang yg biasa and boring (Shah Rukh Khan), ader his own life at "Power Punjab, lighting up your life" and sangatlah baik orangnyer. but, perempuan nih ade kekasih dier sendirila. (biaserla nih plot citer hindustan) tapi dier kawin jugak sebab keluarga kot. tapi bile die kawin dier terus terang dgn husband dier tuh yang dier takkan bercinta dgn husband dier nih, sebab dah takder cinta dari dia untuk sesiapa lagi.. hehehe.. and plot seterusnya, suri ni pun cubalah nak Taani ni senyum kembali, dier cuba ubah Suri yg boring tu kepada Raj yg outspoken dan slumber. Konon2nyer, dier nak wat surprise kat wife about his new apperance kat dance class yg wife dier masuk. but it turn out, wife dier tak cam langsung yg dier tu sebenayner Suri. So si Suri ni pun teruskanla dgn berlakon jadi Raj dalam dance class tu merangkap dance partner kepada wife dier. PAstu aderla plot2 menari tuh. yg bestnye dalam movie nih, dier ader wat special appearance by KAjol, Bipasha Basu, Lara Dutta, Preity Zinta and Rani Mukerjee. Sumer yg pernah berlakon dgn SRK nih. best gak time tuh. tu kire intemissionlaa bile wife die pun dah mula suka kat Si Raj tu.

Suri and Taani.

Then, Si Suri still go on dgn berlakon as Raj sebab nak tgk wife dier sygkan dier ke tak. Tapi bile si Raj tu dah wat announcement abotu his love to Taani, si Taani tu pun cairlaa. nak dijadika cerita, si Suri ni pun sedihlaa dgn keputusan wife dier, tapi wife dier tak tahu biler dier ckp nak lari ikut si Raj tu, sebenarnyer dir cakap dgn Si Suri tu. Sedih gile part tu. Yerla, kiter tau yg org yg kite suka tu nak ikut org lain lari. Tapi si Suri ni baik, bile dia tahu wife dier nak larikan diri sebab boring dgn dier. dier wat keputusan untuk ceraikan wife dier esok and bagi all harta kat wife dier so that wife dier bole happy balik. Then Esoknyer wife dier ader pertanding "Jodi Dance" pagi tu dier bawakla amik berkatlah minata restu dgn tuhan dorangla. Si Suri nekad akan tinggalkan wife dier and minatk kebahagian wife dier, In the mean time, wife ni mintak pentunjuk saper yg akan dier iktu and saper yg dier betul cinta sebebnarnyer. And muka yg kuar muka Suri. So, malam pertandingan tu, Si Taani ni bgtau kat Raj yg dier tak jadi nak ikut lari sebeb Dier rasa husband dier si Suri tu adalah segalanya at dier. waktu susah senang sitll cinta kan dier even cintanya tidak dibalas. taime ni pun bertakung jugakla tgk muka si SRK tu.. sedih sedih amat nih. heheh.. so last time pertandingan tu, dier kuar menari sebagai Suri, Wife dier da pelikla. and sumenyer pun terungkai, and wife dier pun sedar beta[pa husband sier cintakan dier samapia sanggup wat sumer tuh. Another happy ending story. Heheh.. Overall citer ni boleh dilayan sebab tak macam citer hindustan yg baru nih. Seksi, tayang body saner sini, menari tah hape tah.. but citer ni kire oklaa.

Dengan perasaan puas hati, at 2.15pm we head to ikea to buy some stuff for our future, we manage to get waht we dream to buy. And biaserlah kalau dah duk dalam ikea tu, berangan la. Hehehe.. Habis bayar, dalam pukul 5 pmcamtu, we get 2 ikea ice cream and 2 curry puff. all together rm 4 only. Then we headed home. Before that. my stopped to buy some cucur udang and he bought me laksa kedah sebab i da lama tak merasa laksa. and we head to his house.. minum2 petang enjoy some Dane Cook Vicious Circle, and some Ken Lee's song (in you tube.. search for it.. a mjst watch clips.) and we talked and talked. he played dota for 1 lap and then sent me to the car, and i drive back home. at 8pm.

Overall.. I've really enjoyed my day.. and I'm loving it. And as for my BF.. You made my day.. Thanks for your time.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Who I'd like to spent my life together?

Someone who sleeps on the right side of the bed.

Someone who sees the world more than it is.

Someone who would hold hands even if they had to look the other way.

Someone who is willing to give someone else a second chance.

Someone that won't throw that second chance away.

Someone who fight for what they believe in and didn't give in what others want them to be.

Someone who is willing to try something new everyday.

Someone who always play music in their head every time they take a step forward.

Someone who would just lay on me at the beach next to me.

Some one, everyone, that matters to me, and me to them.


My mind plays tricks on me from time to time and makes me wish I had someone to share these loneliness and serenity; someone other than the people and crowd, someone to hold my hand and say I love you. My heart knows exactly who that person is and I think of him while gazing out the window. And just like that, he is there with me. I can feel his love even without him being there and even without him knowing it. It is a feeling I create.
We choose love. We choose anger. We choose happiness. We choose boredom.
You pick and choose based on the rush you give your body when it experiences a certain emotion. Some people, or the lack of some people, help you to trigger these emotions. So if you want Joy, all you have to do is trigger it yourself.
If you're interested in developing your own awareness skills in time for the generous holidays, start by turning off your TV. You will never be alone to hear your inner voice if the TV is constantly talking to you, teasing, or tempting you.
Then, try writing in a journal when you wake up. Spend 5 – 10 minutes writing any and everything; dreams, goals, frustrations, even write about not knowing what to write if you have to. Then, turn the page. Don't read it and immediately judge yourself because most of that journal is meant for getting the garbage out. After a few days you'll feel your thoughts are becoming nicely sorted as your dreams find order again, becoming reachable and practical, AND you'll be leading with your heart instead of an insecure mind. I guarantee it.
For further practice, try waking up with the 5 Tibetan Rites, or any of the thousand available Yoga and meditation methods. These teach patience and peace as well as allow your inner voice to sing! Or for the more energetic, go for a run or a ride. You make it as hard or soft as you want. It's your day. It's your experience. How will you remember it?


I've been waiting for this "Twilight" movie since i don't know, maybe October. and i did mark on my calendar. coz, I've read the book. and hoping that the movie will be great just like I've imagined when i read it. Well, when the day has come, i didn't get to see during the premier day. and i didn't get to see at all. coz I have more to do with the money, then wasting it to and unsatisfying movie. well... I've said it. I bought the dvd from pasar malam, and guess what, the movie just don't interest me at all.

At first, i was just read the review from all the critics and yet the movie did get compliments with all the romantic storyline. then, I started to hear from my own colleague, she said that it was an awesome movie. well, that was her opinion, then my friend, a very close friend told me that the movie was typical. And sorry i should agree with her.

I've watched the dvd, and for the truth, the girls, will like, "awwww,, that was sweet!', "I want to have a vampire boyfriend", and all of sudden, the actor, robert pattinson (I guess gets all the fame)

I'm quite disappointed with that movie. typical storyline, and a vegetarian vampire?!! some imaginary stuff, but yer, i should give some compliments for the soundtrack of the movie. super massive black hole by MUSE, PARAMORE, and etc.

And as for suggestion, i think the movie "Body Of Lies" should have your attention especially action movie lovers. Its the reality that is happening around the world. manipulating, underestimating, appreciating, war, kindness, power, love, loyalty, betraying and many more values. and I really think, leonardo should get an award for this movie. And Hani Pasha, was so cool in that movie. Most coolest manipulator ever. Wow.. how is that?


Fun new often-unacceptable words formed/founded in or around the Scrabble table:
  • Awesomest - meaning the most awesome
  • Awesomeur - one who appreciates all things awesome
  • Valuesome - meaning, having value
  • Soonago - as in recently or just now
  • Growjob - becoming aroused in one's garden
  • Electronical - This is an everyday term used by Bushwalla referring to electronics
  • "How do you spell of?" - Actual question asked by Bushwalla in the car while texting
  • Rax - actual word meaning to stretch out
  • Razzmatazz - actual definition: language that is intended to confuse and conceal
From now on I'm just calling everything Awesome. Anything that's classified as a noun I'm turning into just plain Awesome. There are no more trees. Only Awesomes. There is no more man and wife. The saying now goes, I pronounce you Awesome and Awesome. Ice cream. What is that? I'll have two scoops of Awesome with Awesome on top please. Would you like to take a ride in my new Awesome? May I see your Awesome? May I pet your Awesome? That..d be Awesome. You..re Awesome.
I find it a bit random that Awesome and Awful mean the opposite of their components. One would think to be full of Awe is the better than possessing only some amount of Awe.
Awe Full means to feel terrible.
Awe Some means to feel fantastic.
Then there's Aw-Kitty. But that..s an entirely different deity.
I woke up skipping today, talking to myself and happy to see that all of my siblings are still sleeping. I will make them nasi goreng.
I love being alone in the kitchen in the early morning. All I can hear is the dragging of my feet on the tile and the echo of cups, pans, and the backwards kiss of the refrigerator door when I pull it open, tearing at it's suction and painting a light across the floor.
The first light of the earth appears just outside of my back door at the edge of the yard. I'm there for it often to see it arrive after a long night out. I..m lucky to live so close to the sun. Its a good neighbor.
Sunrise and Sunset are the best hours of light for your body and mind because it is light you can actually ingest by looking at it, into it and it into you, absorbing its remarkable resources thru your pupils. Other times of day the light will just burn your eyeballs out.
That's Awesome.