Friday, January 23, 2009

Showing Some LOVE.


As u all know that Jason Mraz is coming to Malaysia for his tour, I, Me and my friends is going to do some merchandise for Mr. Mraz fan and also for Mraz himself.

We're going to do shirts, bags, badges, cap and many more or even pillowcases. Hehehe... I'm so excited he's coming here. I've already bought the tickets for his concert. FYI, we got discounts for being an early bird... YEAH!

I'm gonna post the design later, this coming chinese New Year. Hope you guys will love it.



Monday, January 5, 2009

JASON MRAZ is coming to town.

He's been a hearthrobe for everyone who appreciates music. He is singer song-writer
who did all from his heart. His famous song is such as I'm Yours, Lucky, You and I both, I'll Do Anything, Please Don't Tell her, Beauty in Ugly, The remedy, Geek in the Pink, Song for A friend, Bright Eyes, Love for A Child, Mr. Curiosity, Prettiest Friend and other.
By the way, he's coming to town. He's gonna perform live in front of Malaysian Fan at Stadium Negara on March, 4th 2009. I can't wait to see him singing live in front of me. It's a dream come true. Really.. I'm so going to see him.
I've only his performing live in youtube, and his official website. He was born to perform. He's a down-to-earth guy, where i figured out from all his interview and he's a very inspirational guy who cherish and appreciate every moment in his life. That's what i know about Jason Mraz.
I'm so going to be there... wait for me Jason...

Happy New Year 2009.

2008 is an interesting year for me personally. I've learnt so much from tiny little things to enormous tough decision to make in my life.

Many people nowadays, loved to celebrate new years eve upon to their own way. There's people went out partying, having fun with friends, barbecue, waiting for the count down just to see the fireworks, and also, there's people just work their ass as there's a dateline to meet. But as for me, I just stay at home with my mom and we talked a lot while watching TV and drinking iced orange sunquick. For a long time, we haven't had this kind of conversation. I love my mum. I talked to her a lot. About my works, my life, my future planning and also about my boyfriend. We thought, maybe we could wait for the countdown and fireworks. But at 23.30 pm, I guess we're asleep. But that's okay for me. I got to spent my new year's eve with my mom. Precious moments.

As for 2009, i don't have any resolution if people would ask me. I'll just go with the flow as I have my own planning. Hope to have a marvellous 2009 eventhough globally many people would label 2009 as a bad year. Inflation to be specific.

Well, everyone, have a blast with your day, appreciate every moment especially your loved ones, mom, dad, brother, sister, family and also your boyfriend. Hehe...