Monday, January 5, 2009

JASON MRAZ is coming to town.

He's been a hearthrobe for everyone who appreciates music. He is singer song-writer
who did all from his heart. His famous song is such as I'm Yours, Lucky, You and I both, I'll Do Anything, Please Don't Tell her, Beauty in Ugly, The remedy, Geek in the Pink, Song for A friend, Bright Eyes, Love for A Child, Mr. Curiosity, Prettiest Friend and other.
By the way, he's coming to town. He's gonna perform live in front of Malaysian Fan at Stadium Negara on March, 4th 2009. I can't wait to see him singing live in front of me. It's a dream come true. Really.. I'm so going to see him.
I've only his performing live in youtube, and his official website. He was born to perform. He's a down-to-earth guy, where i figured out from all his interview and he's a very inspirational guy who cherish and appreciate every moment in his life. That's what i know about Jason Mraz.
I'm so going to be there... wait for me Jason...

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