Sunday, May 10, 2009

ARTS FOR GRABS...... Annexe Central Market.

First of all thanx to my friends, gg, puya and shaz and also my dear dear dearie, mohd Nazri. for supporting me doing this new things.

Ok.. Arts for grabs is where all the people who love arts and that is exclusive subjectively which arts is their own favorite. As for me, I love all the handmade that all the vendors did. There's tattoo arts, clay arts, metal arts, tiles arts, paintings, writings, music, performing arts and many more. And there will always something new that people will discover. Which is the funny thing is People cannot imagine it, and they will absolutely attracted to it and they will spread the news and it will become more popular than ever. I'm proud of it. There is something new for me, called shrinking card. U can draw yourself, i mean the arts, and they will burn it in some-kind of microwave, and the piece of paper, will shrink and harden, and will awesomely be very beautiful.

I'm there because i was trying something new for me. and that is handmade bag. I made it myself, and i mean, I REALLY REALLY made it. And it turn out to be satisfying. People notice it, and i'm very grateful. Thank you buyers.

I'll download the picture where the magic happens.. hehehe... I'm very happy. Later.

xoxo momoi

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