Friday, July 4, 2008

Latest Event Update

hey guys,

sorry for lama tak update blog ni, coz sekarang tgh busy dgn work loads and for latest coming event and im for sure gonna be there. i hope all the bargain shoppers will be there as many thing especially fashionista out there. Be there!!!

and there you guys will also find me for my shirt. heheheh!!!

the venue : Strudels Cafe, Lucky Garden, Bangsar.

Date : 12 & 13 July 2008 (Sat n Sun)

Time : Noon till Nite (maybe)

At this installment, we will be having the New Age theme. We'll be inviting a Tarot card reader, numerologist and a few others to participate, just for the fun of it. Liyana of Estrella has voiced her interest to be with us but needs to ask her band members as well. Now, lets pray together gether, people ....