Thursday, July 17, 2008

T. H. A. N. X.

the other day at the bijou bazaar strudels cafe, it was so crowded.

im glad to be there too. as for all my besties friends is there.. a lot of fun but i can't make it on the 2nd day, something came out. that's ok. one day is emough and can be never ennough.
and as for the design, i know that most of the guys come and tell me that why they always sell girls stuff, the whole bazaar is like heaven for the girls. but nevermind. i wil try to make their dreams come true.
hehehe, but sure it is, the bazaar is heaven for girls who loves to bargain shopping. everything is nice and cheap. no wonder ther'e a lot of girls there.
thanks to all my friends espcially my beloved one, gg, and shaz.

the next event will be on 2nd and 3rd august 2008

located at the juempa d'ramo, bangsar.. can't wait.

feel free to drop by and meet my new design.


here's some of the pic in bijou bazaar strudel's cafe.

some of my tee design.

the three elements design

would you like to be my friend?

me, nazri and shaz (saya sukalah)

bile no customers.... me, nazri, shaz, and gg (ngonyes)

bazaar neighbour from "DEVOTEE" nice people.