Sunday, December 28, 2008


Fun new often-unacceptable words formed/founded in or around the Scrabble table:
  • Awesomest - meaning the most awesome
  • Awesomeur - one who appreciates all things awesome
  • Valuesome - meaning, having value
  • Soonago - as in recently or just now
  • Growjob - becoming aroused in one's garden
  • Electronical - This is an everyday term used by Bushwalla referring to electronics
  • "How do you spell of?" - Actual question asked by Bushwalla in the car while texting
  • Rax - actual word meaning to stretch out
  • Razzmatazz - actual definition: language that is intended to confuse and conceal
From now on I'm just calling everything Awesome. Anything that's classified as a noun I'm turning into just plain Awesome. There are no more trees. Only Awesomes. There is no more man and wife. The saying now goes, I pronounce you Awesome and Awesome. Ice cream. What is that? I'll have two scoops of Awesome with Awesome on top please. Would you like to take a ride in my new Awesome? May I see your Awesome? May I pet your Awesome? That..d be Awesome. Awesome.
I find it a bit random that Awesome and Awful mean the opposite of their components. One would think to be full of Awe is the better than possessing only some amount of Awe.
Awe Full means to feel terrible.
Awe Some means to feel fantastic.
Then there's Aw-Kitty. But that..s an entirely different deity.
I woke up skipping today, talking to myself and happy to see that all of my siblings are still sleeping. I will make them nasi goreng.
I love being alone in the kitchen in the early morning. All I can hear is the dragging of my feet on the tile and the echo of cups, pans, and the backwards kiss of the refrigerator door when I pull it open, tearing at it's suction and painting a light across the floor.
The first light of the earth appears just outside of my back door at the edge of the yard. I'm there for it often to see it arrive after a long night out. I..m lucky to live so close to the sun. Its a good neighbor.
Sunrise and Sunset are the best hours of light for your body and mind because it is light you can actually ingest by looking at it, into it and it into you, absorbing its remarkable resources thru your pupils. Other times of day the light will just burn your eyeballs out.
That's Awesome.