Sunday, December 28, 2008


I've been waiting for this "Twilight" movie since i don't know, maybe October. and i did mark on my calendar. coz, I've read the book. and hoping that the movie will be great just like I've imagined when i read it. Well, when the day has come, i didn't get to see during the premier day. and i didn't get to see at all. coz I have more to do with the money, then wasting it to and unsatisfying movie. well... I've said it. I bought the dvd from pasar malam, and guess what, the movie just don't interest me at all.

At first, i was just read the review from all the critics and yet the movie did get compliments with all the romantic storyline. then, I started to hear from my own colleague, she said that it was an awesome movie. well, that was her opinion, then my friend, a very close friend told me that the movie was typical. And sorry i should agree with her.

I've watched the dvd, and for the truth, the girls, will like, "awwww,, that was sweet!', "I want to have a vampire boyfriend", and all of sudden, the actor, robert pattinson (I guess gets all the fame)

I'm quite disappointed with that movie. typical storyline, and a vegetarian vampire?!! some imaginary stuff, but yer, i should give some compliments for the soundtrack of the movie. super massive black hole by MUSE, PARAMORE, and etc.

And as for suggestion, i think the movie "Body Of Lies" should have your attention especially action movie lovers. Its the reality that is happening around the world. manipulating, underestimating, appreciating, war, kindness, power, love, loyalty, betraying and many more values. and I really think, leonardo should get an award for this movie. And Hani Pasha, was so cool in that movie. Most coolest manipulator ever. Wow.. how is that?